Carnivore Diet Before and After with Brandon Miller

Season #1

Brandon Miller set out to tackle his weight without killing himself by running 7 to 8 miles a day and restricting his calories. After switching to a carnivore diet, Brandon lost 100 pounds without excessive exercise or calorie restriction. Going carnivore also got rid of his severe IBS which he suffered for over 18 years. His story is amazing in that he made this change and is changing the lives of so many people around the country by living more naturally in every aspect of life. Brandon doesn't say you need to go carnivore though. At the core of Brandon's philosophy is that we should cut out processed foods and toxic chemical exposure in our daily products. Here's a few excerpts of the show! I've never known a person who's done this long term and did not like the way their body looks or was severely overweight or obese. Never happens. It's not a thing. I like to compare this with nature too. You never go out in nature and see a wolf that's obese. It just it just doesn't happen. Why? Because they eat their natural diet. Something that's really interesting to note is my whole time being carnivore, I've yet to take a nap unless I've had to. One time I went to the airport and had to wake up at like three and that led me to take a nap. But as long as my sleep has been good, as long as I've been in the circadian rhythm as close as I can get I've never needed to take a nap. Yeah, there's I mean, there's no way around getting nutrients. There's no way around it. You can do anything you want, but if you're not getting enough nutrients, you're just not going to feel is going to do the other thing. So I think I think it's that and circadian rhythm and the environment. I think that they're all hand in hand. If one is drastically off, the other just won't be right. So those are the most important things in my opinion.