I’m Laura, founder of ToxyFree, and am here to guide you on your journey to living more naturally.

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I’m Laura and I’m here to help make living toxin-free easy and beautiful!

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Listen to Laura's inspiration for ToxyFree and how she wants to serve you.


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For over a decade I've devoted my life to becoming the healthiest person I could possibly be. I strive to serve others to have the same blissful experience.


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She's done so much trustworthy research that saved us a lot of time 

"Laura’s passion for toxin-free living is so contagious and inspiring. Her approach makes it possible to achieve toxin-free living even if you’re a busy mom with a handful of babes. She’s done so much trustworthy research that saved us a lot of time in getting started. She linked arms with us and became a vital part of our journey to better health. She’s been the best resource and catalyst for changing our perspective on what we bring into our home. She sincerely cares about our success as a family and her support along the way validates her genuine kindness and passion. Words don’t seem quite enough for how grateful I am for Laura’s work and her heart!"

-Krystal F

She was so non-judgmental and kind in her approach

“Laura is the best coach! She was very vulnerable in sharing her experiences and the 'why' behind what she was teaching me and the importance of it. She was not trying to 'sell' me on any particular thing, what she wanted was to set me up for success! She was so non-judgemental and kind in her approach. I honestly cannot put a price on this service as it has changed how I live."

-Andea R

The joy that Laura exudes is felt throughout the entire process.

"What a gift to find ToxyFree while we were in the process of building a new home. We were looking for a way to bring the warmth and textures of nature inside and wanted to be mindful and intentional about how we selected our surroundings. Laura can tell you the story behind each item in her shop! We developed a deep appreciation for Laura and how carefully she has sourced each piece and the artist that created it. The reverence and connection that forms adds to the beauty and each piece becomes a unique gift. Lastly, the joy that Laura exudes is felt throughout the entire process - in meeting her, in the shop and in the products. We feel this joy in our home and day-to-day lives.

We accomplished our desire to bring the beauty of nature inside and we have a new dear friend!

We Love you Laura and ToxyFree!"

-Deb F

...leave out the plastic, and transform a dull ritual into an elegant morning & evening self-care ritual.

Before I found ToxyFree's products, dental care was not only a boring chore, it was also a daily plastic-fest. Plastic bristles in a plastic toothbrush. Plastic string in a plastic container. Twice a day: brush, rinse, and toss plastic in the trash.

Enter ToxyFree's silk, glass and bamboo dental care items. These products leave out the plastic, and transform a dull chore into an elegant morning & evening self-care ritual. Such a small, simple change! And the impact adds up every day. I love these products and will never go back!

Kit P

Laura helped me determine the right balance for each ingredient.

My dog, Dreamer, developed seasonal allergies this year that manifested in skin irritation and her scratching her skin raw.  After avoiding potential allergens in her dry food did not lessen her symptoms, I started her on a raw food diet that includes muscle and organ meats, and raw bones.  Laura helped me determine the right balance of each ingredient and Dreamer is much happier, more easily maintains her weight, has more energy, and less skin irritation. 

Julie L.