Classes, Workshops, Live Zoom Call Coaching

We have you covered! Join ToxyFree founder, Laura Paulisich, as she guides you to your own version of toxin-free living. 

Natural Clothing Made Easy Workshop

Create your own natural clothing system. After this workshop you will have everything you need to save your time, money, effort and health.

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Bone Broth For Better Health Workshop

Create a system for making and incorporating daily bone broth. This workshop will give you the reasons, resources and routines to make this a lifelong part of your healthy system.

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DIY Everything

Create a system where you control all of the ingredients in your products. This class gives you the step-by-step process and reasons for making everything yourself. The time, money, plastic & toxins you save will give you unbelievable freedom!

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Recipes to Restore Health Workshop

Create a system for making your own nourishing, nutrient-dense food every day. You will have tips and tricks for making this a reality in your kitchen even with the busiest schedule.

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ToxyFree Path Membership

ToxyFree founder, Laura Paulisich, guides you to effortless and beautiful toxin-free living through monthly video tutorials straight from her apartment! Her decades-long expertise will save you endless time and money to easily live more naturally in our toxin-filled world.

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