Classes, Workshops, Live Zoom Call Coaching

We have you covered! Join ToxyFree founder, Laura Paulisich, as she guides you to your own version of toxin-free living. 

Natural Clothing Made Easy Workshop

Learn why and how natural clothing can change your life. Save time, money, and effort creating your natural clothing closet. 

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Bone Broth For Better Health Workshop

After learning about the endless health benefits of bone broth, I decided to include it in my daily diet. Since then, I've made nourishing bone broth every week for over ten years. Learn the reasons, the route, and my exact routine so that you too can experience the health and happiness from including bone broth in your diet every day.

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ToxyFree Path Membership

ToxyFree founder, Laura Paulisich, guides you to effortless and beautiful toxin-free living through monthly video tutorials straight from her apartment! Her decades-long expertise will save you endless time and money to easily live more naturally in a modern, often toxin-filled, world.

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