Fermenting Fun for Your Health

Do you long to provide yourself and your family the healthy basic needs to thrive? 

You too can have the health confidence to make the best choices for your life.


A solution for modern health problems for yourself and your family.


Feeling frustrated by unpronouncable ingredients?

Do you read labels and worry about the long list of chemicals?

Do you know the health and quality of all the ingredients that you and your family eat?

Fermented foods have been an essential part of human health for thousands of years. Fermented foods are often more nutritious than their unfermented form. See how easy, fun and delicious fermenting is to make at home and to add to your healthy home routine. 


All The Tools You Need To Build Your Healthy Home For A Limited Time $97

You can dramatically improve the health of your home by making even one of the homemade fermenting recipes included. 


You Will Be The Hero Of Your Home

By the end of this, you'll be able to make the kind of change you'd like to see in your life and your family's as well. The class is designed to guide you and your family to the next level of health in order to unlock your best life and true potential.

Pre-Recorded Videos

Everything you need—in a super digestible way. Start, pause, rewatch, all at your own leisure. Easily watch on the Kajabi App when you're on the go!


Read the synopsis of the most essential information rather than 100s of books. And, you can take it wherever you go since it's digital!


Not sure where to begin? We've got a list of ideas, including links right to the things we love (and we know you will, too!) to make it easy.

Recorded Live Q & A

All of your questions answered and lifetime access to future Q & A live recordings!

Recipe Cards

Recipe cards for you to print and have as a guide or keep digitally for easy reminders.


If you miss the live recording or want to refer to the information later.


Hi, I'm Laura

I know what it feels like to worry about health, weight, and finding healthy items for a healthy life. Worse is the thought of compromising beauty and pleasure to do so.

That's why I spent over a decade finding products and creating systems to live the healthiest life possible while experiencing the most liberating freedom and joy ever!

When you turn to ToxyFree Path for freedom from worry about health-harming toxins, you will create a healthy home that you love and you will thrive!


What You'll Get

Real Probiotics 

The live bacteria (not cooked) are probiotic (which helps restore and diversify our gut microbiota).

Enhances body functions

Enhances digestion, immunity, brain function, mental health, weight loss & decreases belly fat.

Increases nutrient levels

Makes nutrients more bioavailable and are predigested adding therapeutic benefits.