The Health Advantage

Stop worrying about employee performance and retention. We help you make your employees feel that they are the most important part of your company by giving them the health they need to thrive in life and work.


Worried about employee job satisfaction?


Do your employees feel like their life & family matters to your company? 


Do they feel valued and inspired?


Give Health. Get Advantage.

Give your employees real health in real time and they will give you performance, retention, and recommendations to future employees.

In this competitive employment environment, companies are finding it more difficult to attract and retain quality employees and with the declining health in the United States, many employees are showing up to work unfocused and unproductive.

We know retention is a problem and presenteeism costs ten times more than absenteeism. What if there was a way to retain employees while increasing their performance? Well, there is a way. It starts with health. 

As the gold standard of your industry, this is not news to you. When people are healthy, they not only feel better physically and mentally, but their performance increases in all aspects of life.

They feel invigorated, joyful, and freed by their transformation. Our programs change lives and create lifelong gratitude. 


Create your most successful company.

You don’t need to struggle anymore to have the advantage.

You can secure your company’s future and beat the competition by attracting the best of the millennial and Generation Z workforce who, more than previous generations, factor in health and wellness programs in deciding whether to take or remain in a job.

We know how to give people transformative health in real time. We offer courses, training, and even gift boxes that bring immediate positive changes, so you can have an advantage on your competition with employee performance, retention, recruitment, and health.

One of the classes we offer can have significant changes in the array of gut bacteria in as little as 6 days. Wild fermenting done on the countertop at home or work offers 100s if not 1000s of species of probiotics whereas expensive purchased probiotics have only 10-20 species.

100 trillion bacteria reside in each of us which regulate nearly every function in our bodies. They have more impact on our overall health than the genes we inherited from our parents.


Creating your healthy workplace is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Buy a class.

See how easy it is to have an advantage in life & in work.


2. Use your class.

Add your new skills to your routine to thrive in life.


3. Enjoy your success.

Experience the rewards of having the advantage.


Stop worrying about your employees' health and retention. ToxyFree gives you the products & classes to create your most successful business.

At ToxyFree, we know you want to be the most successful company. In order to experience that, you need relief from worry and a system that truly supports your mission. 

The problem is employee retention is eating up time and money that could be spent achieving your goals making your numbers seem out of reach.

We believe deep and abiding health and happiness is a birthright and that it is just plain wrong that people can go a lifetime without ever experiencing it.

We understand how difficult it is to juggle time, money, and performance pressures while balancing employee satisfaction and morale. That’s why we have created the most comprehensive collection of healthy products, classes and consulting to help you create a premier workforce who thrive at home and work.

Here’s how it works: customize any combinations of products, classes and consulting that appeals to your workforce, buy it and experience the potential financial gains and morale boost leading to your company thriving!


Hello, I'm Laura.

I know what it feels like to not perform my best. Worse is the thought of other people passing me by or me not living up to my true potential because of health.

That's why I spent over a decade finding products and creating systems to live the healthiest life possible while experiencing my true potential by performing at my best.

When you give yourself your health, your health will give you the advantage. Prepare to thrive in your best life not just survive in your one life.

With an MA in education and several years of experience teaching adults in graduate programs, I make new systems easy for busy families focused on career success. I give the essential information needed to gain immediate benefits as well as convincing reasons for making changes. 

Completing Martha Beck Life Coach Training has enabled me to focus on the heart of an individual's needs quickly and directly. Making change much more efficient. 

Working with professional athletes at the highest level, giving presentations to large audiences of experts and traveling to Japan and Korea as an education representative has given me the ability to effectively communicate to a wide variety of audiences.

Topics of expertise include: avoiding hidden toxins in everyday items; gaining ultimate potential of performance through nutrient-dense food and food preparation; improving home & work indoor air quality; finding toxin-free & plastic-free alternative pragmatic solutions.